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Horatio Alger Montana Undergraduate Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is made possible through the generosity of Dennis and Phyllis Washington in partnership with the Horatio Alger Association.

Scholarship Recipients Will Receive Up to $15,000

Over 4 Years Seniors at Montana high schools who want to go to college now have more help in reaching that goal.

The program, administered by the Horatio Alger Association, is specifically for students who have confronted and overcome adversity in their young lives. Students from across Montana will be selected to each receive a $15,000 scholarship and have the honor of being named as a Horatio Alger Montana Scholar.

Pictured: Brooke Reed (Top) and Faith Wells (Bottom), Horatio Alger Montana Undergraduate Scholars


Scholarship Affiliates

Scholarships can be utilized to pursue higher education at the University of Montana, Montana State University, or one of their affiliates:

University of Montana Western
Missoula College – University of Montana
Helena College – University of Montana
Montana Technological University in Butte
Montana State University Billings
Montana State University Northern
Great Falls College – Montana State University

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scholarship application submission deadline?
How do I apply for the scholarship?
What are the eligibility requirements?
What universities participate in this scholarship program?
What are the requirements to maintain the scholarship once awarded?