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16th annual Pay It Forward employees selected

Feb 14, 2024
Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, most underrated agent of human change.

The U.S.-based Washington Companies awarded $87,500 to 175 randomly selected employees for donation to charities of their choice.

An annual Washington Companies program in its 16th year, “Pay It Forward” is designed to place philanthropy in the hands of employees. The program distributes charitable giving cards worth $500 each to winners of a random drawing of employees from Envirocon, Modern Machinery, Montana Resources, Pipestone Quarry and Washington Corporations. The program was launched in 2009 and is consistent with the value placed on grassroots philanthropy by the Washington family and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation.

Name Company
Patti Boylan Envirocon
Beau Bronken Envirocon
Kris Cook Envirocon
Bruce Culbertson Envirocon
John D’Antuono Envirocon
Patrick Davidson Envirocon
Heather Harrington Envirocon
Shawnee Jackson Envirocon
Cayce Jones Envirocon
Peter Joy Envirocon
Jeremiah Martin Envirocon
Kathleen Muchmore Envirocon
Shawn Neal Envirocon
Carleen Palen Envirocon
Curtis Peebles Envirocon
Paul Richter Envirocon
Brett Ricks Envirocon
Patrick Roetting Envirocon
Grant Schneebeli Envirocon
Tim Tierney Envirocon
Rob Wiloth Envirocon
Tripp Winfree Envirocon
James Adams Modern Machinery
Joaquin Arriaga Modern Machinery
Amy Baker Modern Machinery
Philip Baker Modern Machinery
Dianne Barnes Modern Machinery
Robert Bias Modern Machinery
Marty Bishop Modern Machinery
Lisa Boyum Modern Machinery
Shaun Brown Modern Machinery
Kevin Carlson Modern Machinery
Mitch Chapin Modern Machinery
Austin Cheff Modern Machinery
Doug Comeau Modern Machinery
Tammy Dailey Modern Machinery
Savannah Davis Modern Machinery
Jim Duffalo Modern Machinery
Richard Dupuis Modern Machinery
Chris Eickstadt Modern Machinery
Doug Fink Modern Machinery
Randy Francis Modern Machinery
Chase Gilbertson Modern Machinery
Greg Gillespie Modern Machinery
Brett Glivar Modern Machinery
Mark Habersetzer Modern Machinery
David Hawkins Modern Machinery
Amy Hewlett Modern Machinery
Dawn Hofman Modern Machinery
Lucas Hren Modern Machinery
Dori Jenkins Modern Machinery
Emily Johnson Modern Machinery
Martin Kaldahl Modern Machinery
Leora Kautzman Modern Machinery
Dan Kipp Modern Machinery
BJ Lange Modern Machinery
April LaRocque Modern Machinery
Larry LeSueur Modern Machinery
Thor Loftsgaard Modern Machinery
Jennifer Malody Modern Machinery
Sean Maloon Modern Machinery
Cody Marshall Modern Machinery
Jason Mccracken Modern Machinery
Brenden McDowell Modern Machinery
Keith Moody Modern Machinery
Thomas Moran Modern Machinery
Arthur Moreau Modern Machinery
Christopher Nerad Modern Machinery
Ben Ralls Modern Machinery
Jamie Redmon Modern Machinery
Frank Renzo Modern Machinery
Victoria Robinette Modern Machinery
Noah Rose Modern Machinery
Joseph Rowbury Modern Machinery
Frankie Saniti Modern Machinery
Dave Slack Modern Machinery
Mike Stepan Modern Machinery
John Taylor Modern Machinery
Shelley Toy Modern Machinery
Keith Walden Modern Machinery
Chad Walker Modern Machinery
Anthony Wusstig Modern Machinery
William Yoder Modern Machinery
Kristoffer Adams Montana Resources
James Anderson Montana Resources
Scott Barclay Montana Resources
Clinton Barkell Montana Resources
Zanae Bates Montana Resources
Toby Beavis Montana Resources
Cole Bolster Montana Resources
Dennis Casagranda Montana Resources
Derek Clark Montana Resources
Cory Crawshaw Montana Resources
Jeff D’Arcy Montana Resources
Tyler Denny Montana Resources
Jason Dinius Montana Resources
William Dobb Montana Resources
Jill Dove Montana Resources
Tyler Dunkerson Montana Resources
William Fitzpatrick Montana Resources
Joseph Fuller Montana Resources
Tyke Galle Montana Resources
Cheri Galle Montana Resources
John Garcia Montana Resources
Tyler Garrison Montana Resources
Edwin Gessele Montana Resources
John Gilmore Montana Resources
Julie Gress Montana Resources
Amanda Griffith Montana Resources
Eric Haaland Montana Resources
Ethan Hall Montana Resources
Dean Hansen Montana Resources
Micheal Harvie Montana Resources
Johnathan Hoover Montana Resources
Michael Hovan Montana Resources
Tyler Johnston Montana Resources
Conor Kelly Montana Resources
Tom Kloker Montana Resources
Dick Lyons Montana Resources
Cody Mcdougall Montana Resources
William McGee Montana Resources
Mike McGivern Montana Resources
Jim Meadow Montana Resources
Shane Mellott Montana Resources
Chris Miller Montana Resources
Ray Moody Montana Resources
Amelinda Olson Montana Resources
Ed O’Neill Montana Resources
Anthony Orrino Montana Resources
Kevin Rangitsch Montana Resources
Nicholas Roche Montana Resources
james Schofield Montana Resources
Theresa Seccomb Montana Resources
Dick Setterstrom Montana Resources
Derick Shields Montana Resources
Scott Snow Montana Resources
Jack Standa Montana Resources
Jeff Staton Montana Resources
Pete Steilman Montana Resources
Joe Stevenson Montana Resources
Buck Sullivan Montana Resources
Eric Talbott Montana Resources
Shawn Thiessen Montana Resources
Jim Tilley Montana Resources
Michael Waldorf Montana Resources
Corey Warner Montana Resources
Mike Watson Montana Resources
David White Montana Resources
Joshua Wiley Montana Resources
Lorelei Williams Montana Resources
Janae Wright Montana Resources
Steve Ashton Washington Corporations
Jon Bennion Washington Corporations
Marsha Carlson Washington Corporations
Monica Cederberg Washington Corporations
Terri Cheff Washington Corporations
Paul Fauque Washington Corporations
Chad Finnegan Washington Corporations
Chase Fossum Washington Corporations
Penny Kauth Washington Corporations
Courtney Kellum Washington Corporations
Geordy Kerscher Washington Corporations
Dawn Maack Washington Corporations
Jana McGrath Washington Corporations
Pia Montana Washington Corporations
Paul Morton Washington Corporations
Haley Nelson Washington Corporations
Robin Rummel Washington Corporations
Levi Schmid Washington Corporations
Steven Schmidt Washington Corporations
Brenda Shimek Washington Corporations
Shawn Springer Washington Corporations
Chris Thurston Washington Corporations
Bill Wyman Washington Corporations
Scott Zins Washington Corporations

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